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As an employer, protecting your business interests is a key priority. Having up-to-date, professionally drafted employment documentation is essential to ensuring your business relationships with employees are as robust and secure as they can be.

Protecting your interests as an employer:

Appointing the services of an Employment Lawyer ensures that your interests as an employer are protected. This protection is provided by having employment literature such as employee contracts, handbooks and other important documentation in place and ensuring these incorporate the most recent and relevant legislation and are bespoke to the requirements of your business operations.

 At Holmes & Hills, we understand that the workforce of companies in the manufacturing and engineering industry are often diverse, involving a mix of manual and office based positions, remote and on-location working, as well as a range of unskilled/junior positons and highly skilled/senior positions across both manual and non-manual roles.

 These complexities require an acute knowledge of all the latest employment legislation and regular case law developments, otherwise your business risks falling fowl of employment law, exposing you to legal and potentially financial liabilities.

 Manufacturing businesses face further complexities due to employment practices often being more prevalent in the industry than many others. For example, the common practice of investing in overtime in order to manage capacity during busy periods, which brings with it issues regarding holiday pay entitlement, minimum wage regulations and working time regulations. All of these issues have been highlighted by high profile court cases in recent months, the decisions of which may not yet be reflected in your employment documentation, potentially exposing you to claims from employees.

These complexities and the often varied nature of workforces within businesses in the manufacturing industry make it integral that the employment lawyer advising you be well versed in the unique nature of the industry and the diverse nature of the company workforce , working practices and operations of businesses within the sector.

Your interests will be better protected where legal advice and guidance is sought from an employment lawyer with a better understanding of your business, operations and industry, helping you to avoid potentially costly contentious issues arising further down the line.

Holmes & Hills can advise you on the following non-contentious employment issues:


Resolving disputes

 If a contentious employment issue arises, seeking prompt legal advice is the first step in protecting your business and minimising any potential disruption. It is important you seek professional legal advice whether or not your employee has sought their own legal representation yet or not. Doing so will prevent you from unwittingly damaging your legal position through any intentional or unintentional action or inaction in dealing with the matter.

Holmes & Hills’ employment lawyers understand the importance of achieving a swift and successful resolution to any employment dispute. We know that achieving this can help minimise the indirect costs on your business of lost management time, reduced output and the potential negative impact on the morale of the wider workforce.

Employment disputes we are able to advise and represent you on include:

Employment Law advice for employers:

Holmes & Hills’ team of employment lawyers operate from five offices across Essex (01376 320456) and Suffolk (01787 275275). Call and speak to us today to find out how we can help your business remain compliant and protected.

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